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23 July to August 22










1, 4

Sunflower and Marigold

Gold and Orange





Lion is the symbol of this particular zodiac sign representing high esteem & honor, always in the process of governing a kingdom which could be anything from work to home to a partner, protecting it and cherishing it. They always want only the best and live life in a magnificent manner & would never settle for the second best. Their own reputation matters a lot to them, at the same time they are known to be generous, kind and openhearted people. They have a larger than life persona constantly thriving for betterment. They always feel like they have to accomplish something at the end of each day.


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Ambitious is the word that goes along this zodiac sign. Their ambitions & the zeal to achieve it are one of the important virtues of Leo to reach the pinnacle of success. They are confident about any decisions they make, making them reliable to others who often follow them. They are also loyal to their dear ones & often encourage them to excel as well. They are full of energy, witty & charming, gaining attention of the people in the process.


Leo echoes a dominant personality which could sometimes cause them to interfere with others personnel space without thinking twice about it often causing grievances to them. They are also pretentious often projecting them larger than what they are capable of causing them embarrassment when they fail. They are stubborn & would generally never take no for an answer & would start melodrama in order to persuade others to listen to them.

Leo in Friendship:

Leo always shows respect and has a keen understanding of people’s differences which makes them an ultimate friend. Their zest for life, enthusiasm and warm spirit often has the ability to lift up one’s spirits providing them encouragement when times are tough. They have a realistic & balance approach towards life, they never dig up the past which makes them quite likeable amongst others. They enjoy the company of their friends & treat them well.

Leo in Relationship:

Leo is deeply sensual and passionate about their relationships which is quite contrary to their first impressions of being domineering & insensitive. They like to know the person before moving on to the next level in a relationship as they always like to take it slow and always want to know what’s going on. They always do their best in order to make a relationship work and always take into consideration the opinions of their partner.

Leo in Professional life:

Leo is the most extravagant of all astrology signs. They like to be in command and control which can cause conflict in the workplace should they not be in a leadership position. Their powerful drive to succeed & the amazing ability to get along with people helps them reach the pinnacle of success. They are usually diplomatic & with their enthusiasm and cheerfulness delegate people well. They never condescend, treating their colleagues with respect and equality. Leos are full of flair and extravagance and this reflects in the business tactics they follow ironing out any problems before they arise.

How to attract a Leo person:

It is fairly easy gain their attention as they are very receptive to advances & admiration is key note in order to gain their attention. Compliment them as much as you want as they absolutely love them. They like being entertained and if you can make them laugh, the battle is half won. They love grandeur & always make them feel they are the best. It is a sure shot way to enter their heart.


Worst Relationship Matches:

Best Relationship Matches:

Celebrities with Leo sign:
Hulk Hogan, Tom Brady, Anna Paquin, Sam Worthington, Daniel Radcliffe
Julian McMahon, Jeremy Piven


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